List: Things I’ve found entertaining lately

Because I love lists, here is a list of things that have been occupying my time lately:

  1. WTF podcast by Marc Maron. Full of cursing and irreverent humor but holds a surprising depth to the topics. Comedian Marc Maron gets raw with other comedians and topics range from how to showcase vulnerability on the stage and in life, nuances and comedic technique, and other topics with surprising depth. It’s hilarious and subversively thought-provoking at the same time. Yes, comedians are people too. Warning: Strong language and offensive humor.
  2. Protect the Boss (Korean Drama). One of my vices is watching delightfully fluffy and non-brain engaging soap operas/television dramas. “Protect the Boss” has so far eschewed the down-trodden meek heroine falls in love with rich perfect man trope that so many Korean dramas recycle. Instead we have a charmingly eccentric main lead woman who can actually kick ass. And then the typical rich, perfect etc male lead is completely  neurotic and awful at his job. Watch it at mysoju or dramacrazy.
  3. Rachel Maddow. I have a serious crush on that woman. Brains turn me on!
Talk show host and commentator Rachel Maddow. ...

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And another list of things I need to work on:
  1. Running. Yes, I fell off the wagon again. I am so awful at exercising. I think my next goal is to get in some consistent 45min to 60min long runs.
  2. Pushups. Yeah so much for following that schedule, are there any pushup podcasts out there? Sort of like the Chubby Jones Couch to 5k podcasts?
  3. Painting. I owe my friend a painting and I’ve been sadly lax about it.
Any readers have a list they want to share?