What about it? It’s
just two sticks of wood. Long
and narrow and full of splinters.

Two sticks of wood, tied
together. They used some
nails as well, hammered in

The thing that makes it
different, is the thing that
everyone is looking

The symbol always lives
on longer than
anything else. Just
two sticks of wood,
cast against the shadow of legends.

Southern Cross
Southern Cross (Photo credit: varrqnuht)

Today I tried to be a success

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This was my goal for the day. I woke up, went to my 3rd ever super beginner intro Crossfit class, came home and had the coffee. Then I left and forgot my sneakers.

Not a success.

Kid activities (free/cheap)

Looking for something free/cheap to do with your kids this summer? Well depending on their ages, here are some ideas:

Going Digital:

A collection of public domain audiobooks:

You could download the free digital version and put it on your tablet/kindle/nook/what have you and read along with your kids.

Bugs and Guts: – Order a sample kit and participate in this research study! Would be nice way to get bug-squeamish kids to view bugs as having a purpose in this world! And science is always great.






Click Link: Honeybees and Elephants


The comeback of Kenya’s elephant population is a huge conservation success story, as well as a huge problem for the country’s farmers. But scientists have found a new ally in the struggle to keep elephants from trampling crops: honeybees.

Like many animals, elephants are afraid of bees. So scientists recruited farmers in northern Kenya to test different types of barriers and found that fences made of beehives were far more effective than traditional thorn-bush fences at thwarting nighttime elephant raids.